When a child steps into this world, parents are surrounded by a lot of worries about what to name the child, more than one piece of advice being given.

Our famous Facebook dialogue is “Whoever is not given a second time at home would have grown up and given advice.”

If you have a name, what should you call it? Brother’s favorite name is sister Khafa, uncle’s favorite name is Chacha Khafa, Mamani’s name is Aunty Khafa, sometimes mother-in-law is angry, sometimes father-in-law is angry.

Some children get young in the same fight and can’t be named and grow big beards and mustaches are still called “small”.

What to do? Some family members would solve this problem by having three names for a child so that more people can be happy. You will find many friends with three or four names, for example. ۔
Azhar Muneer And so on

And everyone in the family, calling the child by their favorite names, for some he would be Rizwan, for some Qamar and for some Bilal.

Along with the name, another thing starts, that is, what kind of relative does the child look like, someone says, look how big his eyes are, his eyes are on me, that’s another thing he is saying. / As if his eyes are not visible even by looking at them, if someone’s nose looked like his own, then someone would have doubted his ears, someone would have said that he is so blonde, he has gone to me, this is another thing, look at his color. Most people are scared
This is not the end of the story. Now, if the child grows up a little and comes out as a small “sumo wrestler”, then four or five more names have been born. Someone would have called him Bablu, someone fat, someone for him, Golo and someone else. He would have become a mullah. It would have been better if he had settled on it. If he had been a little older, he would have stepped out of the house.
Surrounded by so many names, when a child was young, he would even have a half name of his choice
And if he accidentally steps into the world of Facebook, it is inevitable that he would fall in love with half a girl, become half a poet, become a poet and have a poetic pseudonym.

Where the talk has reached, we are going to talk today in the name of YouTube channel

When we step into the world of YouTube, the first problem we face is how to choose the name of our YouTube channel, and what name might be best for your channel in every way, because the channel The basis of the name is your identity, so why not name it first, then think carefully and name it later so that you don’t face any problem later and your channel
Here are some important points to keep in mind whenever you name a channel
The name of your channel should be simple and easy for the common man to remember and understand. Making more Shakespeare can be detrimental to the health of your channel.

Try to make your channel name less than 10 words

Try that your channel name should be unique, so that anyone who sees your channel once will not have difficulty accessing your channel again or your channel will not get lost in other similar channels.

Avoid using digits or digits (a. 2.3, etc.) in your channel name

Some people create a channel under their own name, they may be working on a brand name but they can’t do all that so it is better not to create a channel under your own name as there are many namesakes on Hotube. Someone in this crowd may have trouble finding you and reaching the channel

Some people name their channel according to their topic but the problem is that you will find many channels with the same name or similar channel on YouTube and if someone comes to your channel then maybe It will be difficult for him to remember the name of your channel again and it will be difficult for him to come back to your channel for a coin.


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