Pakistan ranks fourth in freelancing
What is freelancing?
Freelancing is a day job on the internet, in which you get paid to work online. People or companies from different countries who need translators, bloggers, you tubers, voice overs, logo makers, web developers, designers or writers, etc. from different countries for their projects. Post details of your work on lancing websites. Now the person who specializes in this work completes the work at home and hands it over to this company or person and takes money in return. Freelance workers are called freelancers

Why Freelancing?
This begs the question, why do people work on the internet? The answer is that if an American company needs an Urdu translator for one of its projects, then if they call a servant from Pakistan and get that person’s visa. If he arranges accommodation, food and salary etc., it will cost him lakhs of rupees, while with freelancing he does the same work with a few paise.
Secondly, people nowadays prefer freelancing to working in the office because it is easier to work on one’s own than to listen to the punctuality and reprimands of the owners in the office.
In addition, women who cannot get out of the house earn a good income from home freelancing.
The world has become a global village. Now everyone likes to work digitally. According to reports, last year Pakistan came fourth in the world in freelancing but there are still people who have a lot of talent but they do not know how to work. Let us tell you that freelancing How to get started.

Getting Started

There are many freelancing websites with different rules and charges.
If you want to get started, start working for free on Upwork first, then when you have experience, you can work on other premium websites like, Favor, etc.


You must have a computer or mobile, internet connection and a bank account for freelancing.
If you do not have a debit card or bank account, read this article. Get a free bank account. Get a debit card at home for free. Get a free US bank account with a debit card.


First go to and create your account. Enter your e-mail address, name, address, abilities, job details, bank account, etc. Your account will be approved in about two days. Remember to write down your skills as much as possible, otherwise Upwork will not accept your account. Even if it is rejected, send it again by exaggerating your skills. After the application is accepted, you are eligible to work on the upwork. But before you work, set up your profile completely, put your real picture, Facebook ID and LinkedIn or if there is a website, give a link so that your identity is real. Write the details and skills of your portfolio in such a way that people will be impressed and agree to give you a job. In the free service of Upwork you can apply for only thirty jobs per month. So don’t waste your connections, apply only for the job that came in the right way.

How to avoid fraud

Thus, the chances of fraud in freelancing are very low because the website has the credit card of both the working freelancer and the working client and when the work is completed, the work money is transferred to the freelancer from the client’s account. However, when you apply for a job, make sure that the client’s payment is verified.

Upwork charges a fee of 20% of your earnings, ie if you earn ten dollars, two dollars of upwork and eight dollars of yours.

Looking for work

Finding a job on Upwork is easy. For example, if you are a web designer, search by typing web design in search or go to web designing category. Or if you are proficient in a single language such as Urdu, then search. Write Urdu, you will find many works related to Urdu. Now apply for whatever job you like.

How to apply

When applying, ie when writing the application, first tell the client your introduction, city, country, etc. Then refer to the details of your previous job. Then give the client a reason why he or she will give you the job, ie persuade him / her in such a way that he / she will be impressed and give you the job.
Because a lot of people will be applying for this job and there is competition in freelancing. If the client has posted a job for fifty dollars, people bid that I will do it for forty-five dollars. Now the other person offers himself for this job for forty dollars. So for thirty-five, then thirty, finally twenty-five dollars, people get that job.
Raise your rating

A freelancer has a rating that if a client likes your work, he gives a good rating to your profile. Generally, no client gives a job to a freelancer who has no rating. Therefore, it is difficult for a freelancer to get a job in the beginning. If you manage to impress one or two clients, then getting a job will not be a problem for you. When your rating goes up, you will be able to work for a fixed wage. There are also freelancers who charge Rs 2,000 per hour. After that, you can pay a monthly fee on other websites. You can get good jobs or get unlimited jobs by getting premium membership instead of working for free on upwork which has many benefits.
You can also download a certificate of your experience from Upwork. And you can use that certificate to increase your rating on other freelancing websites. You can also take a test to increase your rating on a freelancing website, ie if you are good in English, select the English language test and mark the correct answer to the given questions. If your test is good, then your rating is also good. Will be.
Also, small things like if a client needs to create a logo and the budget is five dollars, then you can take it lightly, make it in five minutes and increase your rating or someone Suggest a good name and idea for your company or business to the person. If he likes it, he will pay you for the idea and also give you a good rating and also by translating small pages you can give your rating. Can increase
This way you will be able to earn a good income sitting at home.


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